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The Gift of Hope: Local Couples Receives IVF Treatment Grant

(KADN)LAFAYETTE, LA- While 40 to 60% of American couples younger than 30 – who are generally healthy – are able to conceive, in the first 3 months of trying without medical assistance 1 in 8 may struggle, according to the CDC.

Fertility treatments like In vitro fertilization (IVF) , is priced up to $20,ooo per cycle, a cost that is often times financially out of reach for couples, but local clinic, Fertility Answers, has blessed one lucky couple with the “Gift of Hope.”

Lafayette couple Heather and Tyler Quirk are on a journey to build the family of their dreams. Heather says after nearly five years of unexplained infertility and unsuccessful fertility treatments she’s overjoyed to have the opportunity to try IFV.

Heather and her husband, Tyler agree that the chance of starting a family one day outweighs the high costs of fertility treatment, however receiving a free cycle of IFV, from local fertility clinic Fertility Answers, is a blessing.

“We’ve done quite a few treatments and medications over the past five years,” says Heather.

Dr. John Storment agrees that for couples who may struggle with infertility, IFV is an option that could changes lives.

“It’s as important for them as any other couple who wants to build their family, and so having this option for them is sometimes the only option for building their family,” says Dr. Storment.

Heather and Tyler say this not only allows them to fulfill their dreams of one day starting a family, but also gives couples in their situation hope.

“You really just have to lean on God and know that things will happen in time and on God’s time.”

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