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The Importance Of Flood Insurance During Flood Season

The peak of flood season is also on the horizon and if you’ve been on the fence about having flood insurance, FEMA and insurance agents say now is the time to get it.

“It’s not gonna flood in my house, my road doesn’t flood it doesn’t matter if the road doesn’t flood. If you’ve got a big storm coming in and it sits over your area, and the way Lafayette, Brousard, Youngsville, Carencro, there’s more cement than there is land. Where is that water gonna go and it’s all gonna come at one time. And if it’s not flowing well, it’s gonna end up in your home.”said Kay Arnold, Insurance Personnel.

The peak of flood season is now through September. FEMA agents and local insurance personnel say don’t wait to get insurance.

“If you thought something was gonna flood your house this weekend, it’s gonna take 30 days for that to take effect.”said Jeffrey LaCour, Mitigation Supervisor with FEMA.

The only instance in which flood insurance starts day of, is when you close on a home.

“Or you’re refinancing your home and the mortgage company says ‘okay, I want flood insurance it goes on that day because company is saying even though you already have insurance, you’re getting a loan from me, I want you to have flood insurance.'”said Arnold.

“What’s required in terms of coverage is really just enough to cover that loan. So usually what you want to do is covering up to at least 80% of your structure and it’s contents.” said Shanika Hettige, FEMA Floodplain Management and Insurance Task Force Lead.

If a flood event does happen, there may still be help available to you under certain circumstances if you don’t have insurance, but that’s only under a presidential declaration.

“With that presidential declaration, there is that individual assistance insurance there, individual assistance help from FEMA that will help them in that instance if they did not have flood insurance and it will also get them to that group insurance policy for the next 3 years.” said LaCour.

“The homeowner is then expected to maintain that policy or another flood insurance policy after those three years if they want to get assistance again.” said Hettige.

But, if you’re in a flood event and you have insurance and water start rising in your home, you should be prepared.

“Have that flood deck out. I called as soon as that water started coming in so I could get on the list because they’re open 24/7 and she asked me how much water is in the home and I said 3 inches and still rising. They came to me very fast. The sooner you call in your claim, the sooner you get an adjuster.” said Arnold

It is important to note when getting flood insurance, to almost always go for the max if you can. Arnold says if your home is 300 thousand dollars, the max plan will cover 250 thousand of that. She say you can always get excess insurance as well if the house is larger.