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The importance of insurance during severe weather

In Evangeline Parish, Sunday’s storm destroyed anything in its path leaving many not only picking up the pieces, but now paying out of pocket for it.

It’s the harsh reality that comes with deciding to not get your property fully insured.

“I just regret I didn’t have it.”

If Robert Johnson could go back in time, he would make sure the property his auto and storage shop sits on is insured.

Johnson says, “It (insurance) costs, but now it’s going to cost even more.”

Like many, he believed if a structure can make it through a hurricane, it can make it through anything. “This (building) one’s been through Katrina and Rita Andrew and all of them and this one (another building) through Audrey never had any damage nothing until this round Sunday,” Johnson says.

Just a simple example of mother nature’s unpredictable power. That’s why local insurance agencies stress being prepared.

Stephanie Johnson, sales producer at Dupre Carrier Godchaux Agency, Inc. says, “Every homeowner’s policy around our area would have wind coverage unless you’re very close to the coast. Insurance companies, they’re going to give us a boundary where the territory coast lines and some of them will exclude wind and hail and some will include it.”

That doesn’t even include flood insurance, it’s separate.

So ask questions. Stephanie Johnson says, “Ask, read your policy, if you do not understand make sure your agent does review it with you.”

And do it before it’s too late. Stephanie Johnson warns, “Once a named storm has entered into the Gulf of Mexico then insurance carriers will stop allowing us to write coverage when it gets into what’s called 80/20 box. It’s a latitude and longitude lines.”

Even if you do have insurance and just want to make changes that also needs to happen before a named storm enters the gulf.