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The Name On Everybody’s Lips Is Gonna Be, Kate Gulotta: Local Woman Needs Help Becoming Chicago The Musical’s Next Roxie Hart On Broadway

One local acadiana woman needs the community’s help send her to the Big Apple. She won’t be headed to Times Square or the Empire State building, instead, she’ll be heading to Broadway.

Many have heard of Chicago The Musical… Well, the casting directors are currently in search for their next star to play the lead, Roxie Hart.

A few months ago submissions for the nationwide competition opened and on a whim, Acadiana native Kate Gulotta mustered up the courage to hit send. Now, she needs the community’s support.

“I was scrolling and all of a sudden I see the subject line that said ‘Semi Finalist Search For Roxie’ and I just stopped.” said Kate Gulotta, Roxie Hart hopeful, “I was like OH MY GOSH! I was shaking.”

Shaking because seeing her name on a marquee on Broadway has always been a dream for Kate Gulotta. Now, it could be her reality as she made the top 10 for Chicago The Musical’s search for the next Roxie Hart.

“I think I’m the only southern girl that’s in the running.” said Gulotta, “I think a lot of people are excited at possibly getting a Cajun girl from Acadiana on the big Broadway stage…But hey! I like the sound of that too!”

For Kate, the role of Roxie is a familiar one.

“I was 19 and I actually had the opportunity to play Roxie in IPALS production of Chicago The Musical in New Iberia” said Gulotta, “I can relate to her on so many levels as far as having a dream and being so hungry to reach it and maybe not knowing necasarily know when to start.”

While Kate doesn’t want to blow her own horn, current Chicago The Musical Greats can picture her in their next Playbill.

“It was a total home alone moment.” said Gulotta with her hands grabbing her face, “Ii just couldn’t believe Charlotte D’amboise, who is the current and long time off and on Roxie Hart. These people are sitting here saying these nice things about me. I was having a Sally Fields moment of “they like me…they really like me!”

“I’ve just been constantly pinching myself and just remaining to be so grateful that I even have a shot at this at all.” said Gulotta, “Even if my journey ends here, this has already just been like the coolest and craziest thing that has happened in my life and I think probably ever will.”

We want Kate to be the name on everybody’s lips, to help her on her journey to Broadway go to:
Click on Kate’s face and simply enter your name and email. Voting ends on November 8th. You can only vote once per email.

Click here to vote.

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