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There’s a news sheriff in St. Martin Parish

As the official results from October 12th elections rolled in, some parishes like St. Landry and Vermillion have voted both sheriffs, Bobby Guidroz and Mike Couvillion, for their second term. Over in St. Martin Parish theres a new sheriff in town.

Newly elected Sheriff Becket Breaux says, “…that shows that the parish of Saint Martin wants a change.”

The second time’s a charm Becket Breaux, the new sheriff of St. Martin Parish lost in a previous election, but this time he got over 60% of the vote
Sheriff Breaux has many issues he want to tackle but first he plans to address what he says is a Parish wide drug problem.

Sheriff Breaux says, “…the biggest issue in Saint Martin Parish is the drug dealers. You know they’re giving drugs to our kids killing our kids separating families. I’ve got one clear message to the drug dealers, I’m going to find you I’m going to arrest you and I’m going to put you in jail.”

Cynthia Robin life long St. Martin resident says she’s has problems with the previous administration.

“We’ve had break-ins you know nothing was done nothing was done no problems were solved no one was arrested,”says Robin

But now theres a new sheriff in town. Robin believes Sheriff Breaux will be the change she feels, St. Martin Parish needs.

Cynthia says, “I believe here in Saint Martin Parish we needed a change and Becket Beaux is the man to make the change that we need.”

Sheriff Breaux adds “I want to reunite Saint Martin Parish, and make it a better parish and that’s with the people want that’s what they said.”
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