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Buckle Up With Bucka

To Tow or Not To Tow

If you’ve ever in a car accident, you know the whole ordeal is not pleasant.
But here to give you a few tips in case you ever find yourself in such a situation is the tow king himself Bert King OF Guys Towing Services.
In a Hollywood version of a car accident there’s almost a twilight zone moment right before the actual crash. In real life however, everything that happens after the crash is so fast it may take you a moment to comprehend what’s happening.
Bert King says at the scene of the accident, if you don’t have a preferred towing company the police will call one for you. The question remains, where do they take your car?
He says if you get the car towed to your home, you’re responsible for the towing fees upfront.
But if you opt to have the car towed to a lot, Bret says “the insurance company or the owner will release it either to be repaired or totaled and once it’s released, all the towing charges are paid at that time.”
According to Bert, the difference in having your car taken to the storage facility is the company is actually responsible for the safety of your vehicle until the the car is released.