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Trees At Risk Of Toppling Over During Harvey; Aborist Encourages Residents To Call Tree Services After Storm

As Tropical Storm Harvey is expected to bring heavy winds and soak the soil in torrential rains, it could put your trees at risk for toppling over.

“We can’t save this one it broke too far back.” said Billy Broussard, an aborist.

Before Harvey makes landfall Billy Broussard, who owns a tree cutting service, is asked to cut down a water oak

“The tree was properly maintained and taken care of. it’s just the idea of that’s over 75 years old of age and just the water from all of the rain, it just got too much wait on it and in time it just broke.” said Broussard.

After the storm has passed, Broussard recommends calling a tree cutting service even if you can’t visibly detect damage.

“They will come out, inspect your trees and get the recommendations from an aborist and that way, storms hit Louisiana pretty often so this way, you will be prepared for the next storm.” Broussard explained.

With heavy winds expected, LUS is making sure trees pose no threat to its power lines.

“We have the best reliability in the state of Louisiana. we have the fewest outages and the shortest outages and that’s because of our tree trimming program, because of how we built our system.” said Terry Huval, CEO of LUS.

LUS also wants the public to know that they publish a hurricane handbook in the event that you lose power at your home.

A link to the book can be found here.