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Two Eunice High School Students Charged After High School Prank Goes Wrong

Two 17-year-old Eunice High students facing felony charges after allegedly spiking their teacher’s drink with an all-purpose cleaner.

An anonymous student showed the video to a Eunice Police Officer at the school.

“The teacher was actually surprised that these students would have done that.”

A simple prank gone wrong.

Two students, one female allegedly pouring Krud Kutter in a teacher’s drink while a male student kept watch and recorded it to later post on Snapchat.

Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot says, “It is my understanding the teacher did consume a small amount of it just took a taste of it, realized something strange about this drink and she discarded the rest without consuming anymore.”

As of now investigators believe the teacher is fine.

While this is the time of year for pranks Chief Fontenot wants it to be clear this is no laughing matter. He warns other students. “Just consider what you’re doing and think about it because something that may seem like an innocent prank can turn into a serious problem.”

Now the students are charged as juveniles for Mingling Harmful Substances. They also have to undergo a school district investigation.

St. Landry Parish Schools Superintendent Patrick Jenkins says, “Even though it’s the end of the school year students will be recommended for expulsion and have their due process hearing. They could have potentially anything from 1 to two years expulsion depending on what happens at the hearing. I think this is a very isolated case in st. Landry Parish this is not indicative of our students, the students at all of our schools.”