Two Religious Organizations File Suit In Attempt To Stop Drag Queen Story Time At Lafayette Library

Two Religious Organizations are suing in an attempt to stop Drag Queen Story Time at the Lafayette Library.

The suit was filed in federal court in Lafayette by Warriors for Christ and Special Forces of Liberty.

“By bringing this lawsuit, we are unapologetically and firmly defending the civil rights movement led by pastor Martin Luther King.” said Attorney Christopher Sevier, who is representing the two organizations.

Sevier believes the Drag Queen Story Time violates the First Amendment Establishment Clause by failing the Lemon Test.

According to Sevier, to pass the test it must satisfy all three of these following requirements, 1. Serve a valid secular purpose, 2. No endorsing of a religion and 3. It can’t entangle government with religion.

Sevier says the event violates two of the requirements.

Adding that by having the event at the library, they are endorsing secular humanism.

“The evidence would suggest that the self identified transgendered. They are using a government facility to show that the governments backs their worldview to then target children , to indoctrinate them under a faith based ideology.” Sevier explained.

Since the Drag Queen Story Time is so close(October 6th), the two organizations are quickly filing hundreds of documents that have testimonials from people who claim to be ex-gays, ministers and medical experts backing the idea that being gay is a choice.

“We have no problem with a drag queen story hour being held in a private facility. It can be held at the fraternity house. It can be held at the coffee shop. We draw the line by the fact we have government actors endorsing it.” said Sevier.

Sevier also explained that if the court will not stop the event, they will ask the court to have a minister there to provide a rebuttal.

A few of the defendants on the suit are listed as follows: Teresa Elberson, director of the Lafayette Parish Library, Governor John Bel Edwards and Attorney General Jeff Landry