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U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Frank Brogan Visits Lafayette

U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Frank Brogan is touring schools throughout the country that are displaying great examples of success in hopes to inspire our educational system.

And places like Early College Academy in Lafayette are on his radar.

“He was looking for people that area doing things different challenging kids, we have a high school, but we also have them go to a college and earn an associates degree so that sets us apart a little bit and he wanted to see what we are dong so our kids are successful on that track,” said ECA principal Alex Melton.

Brogan spoke vocally about what he called one of the education systems problems, change.

“We’re the bedrock of education as educators and yet in a world that is changing faster than we can keep up as we prepare students to live in that world it is going to require us to begin not only to think about change, but to embrace it,” said U.S. Assistant education secretary frank brogan.

Early college students were able to talk with brogan about their school experiences in a roundtable discussion.

Students say ECA has allowed growth and independence.

What ECA has offered me in the last 4 years is the freedom to do that,” said ECA student b. Robins.

“When I look back at it now, it really is a family,” said ECA freshman Rhya-Grace Daunoy. “Everyone’s there for each other and even the teachers they notice when you’re struggling they’re just there for you.”

“Our students make the school, without the students we wouldn’t have what we have, and we have a great group of students it creates a wonderful culture and it’s really the best place you can be in school in this area,” said Melton.

While Brogan continues to tour schools, Melton hopes other schools can be inspired by the ECA model.

“Everybody can’t have their own college, but everybody can have a specialized track or things that interest their students to get them motivated , to get them wanting to learn and headed towards a certain career,” said Melton.