UL, Acadiana Planning Commission, Teche-Vermilion Freshwater District Spearheads Project To Predict Flooding

A new project is in the works to predict what areas are going to flood and when and the Acadiana Planning Commission, University of Lafayette and the Teche-Vermilion Freshwater are teaming up to make it happen.

Dr. Imad Habib, a civil engineering professor at UL, has several devices at his disposal such as rain gauges and sensors to detect what’s happening at the coulee at Moncus Park at the Horse Farm.

“They can sit here in the field, continuously sampling the rivers and the channels and you can charge them with a solar panel and the public and any interested parties can actually login into the site and find the data in real time.” Habib explained.

The goal is to figure out how areas like the coulee at the horse farm are affected by the main rivers such as the Vermilion, Teche and Mermentau.

“To get not only the information we need to supply fresh water but to also use that information to solve flooding problems.” said Donald Sagrera of the Teche-Vermilion Water District.

Then expand the project to the many tributaries in Acadiana.

“Some of towns don’t really deal with the rivers themselves but they certainly deal with the impacts of the rivers.” said Monique Boulot, CEO of the Acadiana Planning Commission.

The commission is looking to state for funding but are also prepared to work out a back up plan.

“We’ve all identified this as a common agreement that it is need and we are going to do it. One way or the other wear are going to get it done.” said Boulot.