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USL Grads Tour UL Fifty Years Later

LAFAYETTE – Much has changed at UL in the past decade, not to mention the past five decades. That’s exactly what the graduating class of 1968 is seeing first hand.

The former USL bulldogs took a trip down memory lane, while also seeing the vast changes that have come to the university. For some, it was their first time back on campus in fifty years.

As 1968 graduate Louis Medal explains, “A lot different, a lot different. I have a lot of good memories from my years here. It’s kind of reliving those, but I guess it would be a little different being on campus today with all the changes. I’d have to be retrained.”

The golden graduates were also shown UL’s walk of honor, which lists the name of every single graduate in the school’s history.

“Every single graduate of the university since 1903 has a brick,” says Jennifer Lemeunier, executive director for alumni affairs, “Today will be special. We will be showing them their brick today. And it does show a way of their legacy that they left behind. So when alumni do come to town, they look for their brick and it does make an impact in their life”

Taking part in this time honored tradition is not lost on these former graduates.

“It’s just amazing that we get to do this and feeling really good to be here.”

Each graduating class paves the way for every class that follows…And fifty years later…The class of 1968 has advice for current Ragin’ Cajuns.

“To stay with it and graduate,” said one alum.

“Yeah, stay and graduate and study hard,” proclaimed another.

“Enjoy your time here,” said a third 68 grad.

The campus has changed; so too has the class of 1968.

But what remains the same is the unwavering pride these former students have in their school, even half a century later.