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Video game technology may help rebuilding of Notre Dome

Now that the ashes have settled there is an unlikely resource that could help with rebuilding.

It may sound crazy but the foundation pieces for a video game may be the key to rebuilding the medieval french cathedral. What’s even more interesting is local video game creatives say they’ve already been using this method.

Adam Folse, instructor at Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) in Lafayette says, “This resource is just so powerful and just useful.”

Folse is talking about video games, yes video games. The same thing that used to be just for entertainment just got a little more valuable. “Even though it’s being made for a game there’s nothing stopping it from becoming an actual statue.”

Digital Twin Studio in Lafayette creates video games to help with training and construction projects. CEO Shane Istre says, “They can step foot on a platform in a building even before it exists. They just put on a virtual reality head set and it’s as if they were really there. They can take measurements open doors they can move things around.”

With laser scanning technology, an object or a structure can be recreated in a virtual world. Istre says, “We’ve had some clients tell us especially for off shore, that it can take a 4-6 week process it would normally take using 2-D drawings and engineer drawings and can turn it into a two day process to do a quote for construction.”

It’s the same process used several years ago on Notre Dame when creating the video game, “Assassin Creed:Unity”.

Folse says, “It’s not really surprising that they had still on file to use I know that specifically that professor who gathered all this stuff was scanning tons of cathedrals.”

It could be a game changer for Notre Dame.

Istre says, “To take the original scans and be able to walk through what the building used to look like they can brief new construction crews it speeds up the bidding process.”

Ubisoft, the French video game company that created Assassin’s Creed is donating 500,000 Euros to help rebuild the cathedral. They are also giving away “Assassin’s Creed: Unity” for free on PC for one week.