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Vigil Planned For Franklin Woman Killed On Labor Day

The family of a Franklin woman killed on labor day who they identified as Chiquita Lumpkin is speaking out.

“I seen her laying there with a bullet hole in her back. I said oh lord! Pick her up! Don’t let her stay down there.” recalled her mother, Gail Dejean.

Dejean struggles to process the death of her daughter, Chiquita.

“I said why he shot my child. He didn’t have to do that. She didn’t deserve it.” she continued.

Dejean will always remember Chiquita’s heart of gold that shined even through the ups and downs with her relationship with Trinity Coleman who police call a person of interest in her death.

“She even caught herself leaving him and came here. I saw her stand here and I asked the question why did you leave him in your house. She said mom he don’t have no where to go. His mom was dead, but I was telling her that’s not your problem.” Dejean explained.

A sentiment echoed by other family members.

“If I felt my day was going bad. It was her. I will miss her as a whole.” said Irving Lumpkin, Chiquita’s brother.

“I can’t get it out of my head. She has a big personality, big smile, every time you see her, she was never frowning.” said Charlesha Henry, Chiquita’s cousin and Advocate for Chez Hope.

Despite her grief, Dejean says she holds no hate in her heart.

“All I do is pray for him. I just want Acadiana to know she was a loveable, sweet, kind, words can’t explain. My baby was the bomb.” said Dejean.

Chiquita’s relatives who say she was a victim of domestic homicide urge those who may be in a similar situation to reach out.

“Y’all have to speak up. We can’t protect nobody, help nobody if we don’t know what we are protecting them for.” said Lumpkin.

“Please reach out. If you are in a domestic situation, reach out. Please don’t be silent because things like this happen and its too late.” added Henry

A vigil will be held Friday evening at 6pm at Pecot Park in Franklin in Chiquita Lumpkin’s honor.

As of now, the person of interest in the Franklin homicide, Trinity Coleman is only facing an attempted 2nd degree murder charge related to a high speed chase in jeff davis–the same day as the homicide.

Police have yet to announce what charges he will face in Franklin.