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West Nile Virus Detected In Louisiana, At Least 9 People Affected, How To Safeguard Your Home

“Mosquitoes are born and raised right next to you somewhere within 100 feet there is a stagnant body of water.”said Peter Mayeux, Owner of All Seasons Nursery.

Whether that body of water is from a bird bath, toys or even an upside down garbage can lid, the risk for a bite can be anywhere.

“I never get bit by mosquitoes, like ever. I’m just one of those who who don’t get bit. But, one Summer day I was outside pretty late right around the time the sun was setting and I got bit really bad.”said Rain Augustine, West Nile Fever Victim.

For Rain Augustine, she never thought she’d be susceptible to West Nile.

“I woke up and my throat was burning. Like someone had just poured gasoline down my throat my back was hurting so bad and all my muscles were stiff and I couldn’t get out of bed.”said Augustine.

Rain tested positive for West Nile Fever, the symptoms were flu like and only lasted a few days.

“Normally I think some people have a lot of neurological problems after effects but that’s when you have West Nile virus and I had West Nile fever. It all depends on how your body reacts to the virus.”said Augustine.

To help mitigate your chances of getting the mosquito born virus Peter Mayeux, Owner of All Seasons Nursery says prevention can begin with certain plants.

“Citronella, this basically wards off mosquitoes, rosemary, excellent.” said Mayeux, “Lemon grass, this does wonders. Society Garlic also excellent also wax-myrtle. It’s an indigenous plant. Stick it behind you ear, put it in your pocket and your good to go.”

If you have standing water in a ditch, there’s something for that as well.

“They have these little dunes that you can put in them that will kill all of the excess water without harming the ecosystem.” said Mayeux, “This is basically a yeast that attracts mosquitoes and eradicates them. This will work for up to an acre. All of these are great as far as far as adding more layers because it’s gonna take several layers to get rid of the problem.”

If your interested in learning about more mosquito repelling plants and products Peter says to head over to all seasons where they can help you find the best repellent for your home.

Some symptoms of West Nile include high fever, headache , neck stiffness and can even affect the central nervous system. To learn more, click here.