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West Regional Library Open For Reading

“I mean look at the excitement here. It’s bright, It’s colorful. And the kids are gonna love each and every book that they pick up and read.” said Ashlyn Hanks, 2019 Ms. Scott Boudin Festival Queen.

Almost 20 years in the making the new West Regional Library is open for reading.

“Knowledge is power and that’s what we are pushing here in Scott and it’s very beneficial in our community.”said Hanks.

This space for reading and learning has been in the works since 2002 and now it’s completion helps to symbolize growth for the budding city.

“Offering free resources and giving people an opportunity to learn and also giving people who have business ideas or existing businesses to expand on those.” said Jan Richard, Mayor of Scott.

Books, DVD’s and so many resources now at residents fingertips.

“We invite everyone to come out and let their dreams and imagination run wild.” said Richard.