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Buckle Up With Bucka

Who Foots the Bill When Your Car Needs Repairs?

Experts agree! This whole car business, is expensive business! I myself learned this the hard way recently, which got me thinking, when you have major repairs needed for your car who foots the bill?
In today’s Buckle up with Bucka, I’ll tell you of some options if you run into trouble.
Sometimes a drive home can be dangerous! Last Friday, a rock from a lawn mower hit my passenger window, next thing I knew glass was flying at me.
I called our expert Mike Collado with Allstate Insurance who says “comprehensive (coverage) is going to cover you for anything other than a collision, so if you’re driving down the road and you’re passing and they throw a rock and it leaves a chip or actually breaks your you can pull over and see if there is a remedy with that person.
Understanding how your comprehensive insurance works is key. Sometimes your deductible is higher than the actual repairs on your car in which case, you are still responsible for the cost. Don’t panic!
Charlie Dugas, with Dave’s Car Care Center says when insurance can’t help there are a few other options.
He says, “there are some good companies we deal with for extended warranties,like Louisiana dealers services (LDS), ASC, Louisiana one there are some good companies out there for extended warranties.
But buyers beware. Charlie says, read the fine print, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true and there isn’t a warranty out there that will cover 100% everything. Charlie says shop around a moment before you commit to anything. For preventative measure, there are auto repair companies who offer policies to help cushion the blow. The way they work Charlie says “you’d pay the whole fee up front but there is no more expenses when you come in on a routine basis.” But for those unexpected repairs, some companies may offer a credit card option.