Why Does America Love Football

Whether it’s the Friday Night Lights, College Gameday or the NFL, many Americans just love football.

“I feel like football at its core is fundamentally a game. So it’s for entertainment but now since the modern world and all of its advancements, it’s become a show of athleticism than a game.” said one person, “It’s kinda the shift or the merging of the two.”

But whether you watch it, people have their reasons for why america loves the sport.

“Football is a tradition in America.” said one football fan.

“It really just brings people together on the weekends after a long week.” said another fan.

“I think football is a way for people to connect and you know choose sides for fun and just get really excited for the spirit of competition. I think Americans have always loved the spirit of competition.”said one student.

In fact competition may play a huge part in why Americans are drawn to the sport.

“You know you like to yell at people even if it is just a couple nights, the loyalty to your team is really big.” said one fan.

“You’ll see a lot of players hurdling people, stiff arming people and it’s really cool to watch because we don’t get to do those things in normal life and watching somebody on a screen do that.” said another fan, “You know watching some people do that you’ve grown up watching a big story line and people love to follow the stories.”

“Even though you don’t know most of the players personally, you kind of feel like you do.” said another fan.

With every end to a season, many are counting down the days until the next football season starts.

“Everybody’s drawn in and it’s kind of a society thing. You see all these people doing it. Football is aggressive and it gets your adrenaline pumping. It’s easy for everyone to get into it and I think it is such a big society thing that everyone does it and it’s a fun thing to get together for.” said another pair of fans.