Women’s & Children’s offers Marvelous Multiples Classes

LAFAYETTE, La. – The excitement is electric when parents discover they are expecting. But, that excitement gives way to an intense sense of feeling overwhelmed when the ultrasound shows two, three, four or more heartbeats.

The reality is much less daunting, and parents of multiples don’t have to do it alone or go in unprepared. Women’s & Children’s Hospital is now providing free prenatal classes for parents of twins, triplets or more to help them become better equipped for the road ahead.

The Marvelous Multiples class series is taught by Registered Nurses who are also Millennial Moms with extensive experience in the care of both the Multiples Mom and her babies. The eight-hour series is broken up into easily digestible two-hour courses.

Marvelous Multiples I provides a solid foundation upon which parents can begin to build their new life with twins, triplets, quads or more. Here, parents learn basic information about fertility treatments, types of multiples and prenatal care for their little ones, such as nutrition and weight gain, and how to manage pregnancy discomforts. Also, parents become familiar with various forms of fetal health testing, including ultrasounds, amniocentesis, non-stress testing and much more.

Marvelous Multiples II helps parents of multiples better understand issues that may arise during a multiples pregnancy and how to address each. Topics covered include prematurity risk and NICU care, signs of and treatments for preterm labor, hypertension, gestational diabetes, amniotic fluid and placental complications, twin-to-twin transfusion and how their little womb mates grow.

Marvelous Multiples III & Tour includes the signs and stages of labor, the differences between vaginal and cesarean birth, pain management, recovery, postpartum care, bonding, interaction with siblings and the importance of schedules and routines in the care of multiples. Also included in this session is a guided tour of the multiples birth experience at Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

Marvelous Multiples IV focuses on breastfeeding, pumping and bottle-feeding for multiples, as well as beds and safe sleep, clothing, strollers, equipment, etc.

Visit today to register or learn more about Marvelous Multiples, take a virtual tour of the birth experience at Women’s & Children’s Hospital, sign up for other free prenatal classes and learn more about the multitude of resources available here in Acadiana for moms and moms-to-be.