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Wrestling the Wait

Lafayette, LA (KADN)– Lifting weights is what keep’s Carencro graduate Zavione Willis in shape for wrestling. The 220-pound state champion lifts almost every day. However, because of the pandemic, he doesn’t know what college he’s going to. He couldn’t even visit the schools recruiting him: Iowa Wesleyan and New England College.

“It’s hard because I don’t really know where I am going,” Willis said. “I don’t have family and stuff out there. I have been looking the colleges up so I can make a decision.”

He wasn’t always a winner. Zavionne finished in third place in his junior season at the state championship meet. To bounce back, he ran three miles a day last summer to win a state title this season.

“It really had me mad for awhile,” Willis said. “But I got over it and there’s another season coming. I just gotta work harder and then when the match comes its all up to me.”

He just stayed in shape as a way to stay in shape after football season and now it looks like he may have a college scholarship. He has one piece of advice for wrestlers coming behind him.

“Don’t give up,” Willis said. “Work real hard and good things will come.”