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Youngsville neighborhood floods, families get out safely

Just imagine looking out your window and realizing your home is surrounded by water. It is the reality for so many in Acadiana after Barry made landfall.

Jennifer Gaudin is one of them. She lives in Champagne Estates neighborhood. Her family stayed in a hotel for 9 months because of the 2016 floods. So when Vermilion Parish announced a voluntary evacuation she knew she had to go.  “Under panic thinking the last time I left here, looking through what I had to decide if I ever wanted to see again if I needed in two weeks or two years. I just grabbed what I could packed up the vehicle and moved it to my dad’s house.”

While others in the neighborhood, like Brandi Landry, stayed.

Landry says, “We didn’t think it was going to be as bad. We kind of prepared to leave we parked cars on higher ground with bags of clothes and stuff.”

At first, the water wasn’t that high. That quickly changed.

Landry says, “We didn’t have much water as the rain was coming. It was a little high, not as close past the shed, but after the rain stopped I guess when everything started to settle in and back flowing that’s whenever it started rising to the driveway.”

The only way they were able to get out and to their cars was through a neighbors driveway.

Landry says, “Right now we have about knee-deep water on the side of my house, kind of where my shed is but when you walk to my backyard it’s about thigh high.”

Thanks to a friend Gaudin was able to go back and check on her home.

She says it’s the support of family, friends and neighbors that makes difficult moments like this, bearable. “My little vehicle that we have wouldn’t have made it even close enough for us to walk through. So if it wasn’t for them to come and let me at least see my house is in one piece I would still be in a frantic-ness.”